Handmade using sodium bicarbonate and Citric Acid ,and Chiko soap.and Great refresh scent with Eucalyptus and Tea Tree and Grapefruits Essential Oil blend.


no chemical used but It work clean for your toilet,Shower drain,or Kitchen food waste disposal for your preference to use.

How to use:

Toilet: Drop one in your loo and leave sometime to fizz away then clean. I personally like to drop one before go to sleep and clean next morning. if you choose to drop one in the cistern,it will clean inside there too.


Shower: you may have to open cover of shower drain,leave it sometime.I like to do this before sleep too.and in the morning pour hot water.That's the way unclog the drain pipe. depend on how you use shower but at least once a week use recommendable. For Henna user, once a week plus just after rince Henna.


Food waste disposal:pop one in food disposal before you do dishes. once cleaning bomb all melted. you may like to turn on disposal.It will be clean and smell will be disappear!


quite big size 25g each x 6 pieces total 150g

1-1and half months supply.